The medical benefits of sex

Recently I gave a radio interview about some research that has come out on the medical and scientific benefits of sex. We have seen similar stories like this before, but this article outlined burning calories, boosting the immune system, preventing incontinence, a natural painkiller, aids insomnia, improve mental health, prevents wrinkles and makes you brainer. Whilst I love a bit of fun sex research, I also worry that focusing too much on these scientific points takes away from making sex sexy and make it more medical. Should you be having sex because it helps you sleep or boost your immune system? “Honey, instead of that vitamin C, why don’t we just get it on more?” Should we be having sex for medical gains or are these medical gains just a pleasant side effect? Whilst there might be scientific benefits to having some fun in the bedroom, I’m going to give you the everyday explanation for these…. (please do note these are a bit of fun).

Burns calories: well it is a physical exercise isn’t it?

Boost the immune system: If you are having sex more and getting fitter because of that sex maybe you are fitter to fight the everyday cold?

Prevents incontinence: You do know what muscles are involved during sex right?

A natural painkiller: Maybe you are just so distracted by the hot sweaty body on top of you that you are no longer focusing on any pain

Aids insomnia: After doing so much physical exercises ( AKA sex) you are so exhausted that you sleep right through the night.

Improves mental health: If you were getting laid more would you be happier?

Prevents wrinkles: I don’t care why this one is but just sign me up!

Makes you brainer: Well if you are smart enough to be having lots of sex, maybe you are just brainer anyway.

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