The Only New Year's Resolution You Should Keep!

Did you make a bunch of new year’s resolution in the last few days that you will most likely never keep? With a new start,  many of us begin with good intentions but get a little lost along the way. I’m actually against new year’s resolutions. They are a lot of talk and no action. I find the most common ones are, I’m going to loose weight, make money, get organised or find love. What about the most important person in your life and the most important  relationship in your life? I’m talking about the one you have with your self!


In my line of work I get asked some interesting questions. Most of them have something to do with having better sex, making a relationship work or finding love. But in order to make all this happen ( many of which could be your new year’s resolutions), the first step lies within you. Love your self before you can love anyone else. Have better sex with yourself before you aim to have better sex with anyone else! ( trust me it’s possible and it’s called masturbation).


If you have made  a resolution this New Year here is one we should all be making and keep making every new year.


Start at the very beginning! Start with you!


Happy New Year

Dr NikkiG

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