The Sexy Side To Febfast

When I got asked to be an ambassador for this year’s febfast, I wondered why on earth they wanted a Sexologist and Relationship Expert to promote their cause. Then I started to think about how drinking had impact on my own experiences…


Looking back, there have been times where alcohol-induced confidence encouraged me towards the wrong man at the wrong time. There have also been times where my confidence was so low that my aim was to boost it with the bottle.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that confidence from Cosmos does not last forever and eventually rubs off (often when the sun starts to rise). Maybe having a Sexologist on board isn’t such a bad idea after all!


What do I think about drinking and sex? Well, it’s never a good mix – regardless of how many cocktails and shots refer to sex. One or two drinks might put you at ease but if you do not stop there, everybody’s performance can suffer (that’s you too girls!). There is also a greater chance of having unsafe sex, going home with the wrong person, and going maybe a bit further than you normally would. Think of the opposite sex as a car, if you are over the limit, it’s dangerous to drive it!


After reading febfast’s research, I was alarmed at the amount of Australians who had never been on a first date without alcohol and at how many people were drinking before they even went on the date. This is such a shame when: the sexiest thing about another person is confidence.


Dating can be daunting, but alcohol is not the answer. Finding that natural confidence is. A few drinks might boost you up and make you feel invincible to rejection and open to love, but what happens when you come crashing down?


I’m not saying that all alcohol should be eliminated from dating, but we need to be mindful of exactly the impact it has. February (the shortest month of the year) is a great opportunity to explore and find out what sober love is all about. Romance isn’t found at the bottom of a bottle of wine, after all. If you are single and dating, try getting to know each other without the beer goggles on. At the same time, you are doing something selfless for each other.


Alcohol can have a negative impact on our lives, but for some young people it is a serious problem with huge consequences. It is important that we raise awareness about this issue and support it with much needed funds. (And it’s not a bad side effect if you improve your dating potential at the same time!)


So here is my challenge to you: one month, no booze! Find your confidence without that Cosmo; rekindle without the bubbles! And since febfast now has a Sexologist on board, I advise you to use the time to help your sex life too! Feel reenergized for the New Year and get ready to go (again, again and again…get the hint?).


If you would like to sponsor me or join me team and give up alcohol for the month, please visit


Happy febfast 2012!


Dr NikkiG


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