Things You Never Knew About Sex

Have you ever heard that saying, the more I learn the less I know?  Well that was once true and maybe partly still is, but what is also true is the more I read the more I know. So maybe it’s about time I shared with you some interesting and new facts you just might not know about sex.


Did you know that things such as caffeine, tobacco, sugar, too much soy, omega 6oils and trans fat are classified as orgasm killers that can hamper the body’s optimal sexual and orgasmic functioning? Marrena Lindberg suggests to watch your intake of these substances and pay attention to how they are affecting your sexuality. What a great reason to give up smoking?



Fem Fresh might not be so fresh after all!  Using feminine deodorant sprays are unnecessary and perhaps even harmful. The vagina cleans itself and does not need help from commercial products. The perfumes and chemicals used in these products can irritate the delicate tissue of the vagina and even cause infections. My Mother always said, “ if you don’t want to smell like a fish and chip shop, make sure you wash between your legs every day.” With a non-scented soap that is. Stay away from the gimmicky products and have faith in your vagina!


A man’s penis is not always straight. It is normal for them to bend slightly in any direction and to have some curve. Don’t worry it’s not broken. However, if the bending or curving appears suddenly and is accompanied with swelling or pain, you should see a doctor.


Why is masturbation seen as a sin? Well, if we want to get religions, the biblical story of Onan is often cited to support the argument against jerking the turkey. Onan was supposed to impregnate his dead brother’s wife, as was the law in those times (so masturbation was wrong but that was right?). He chose, however to “spill his seed” instead. (For those who have not yet caught up, that is biblical terms for Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters). This was considered evil, and therefore God took Onan’s life.


Speaking of masturbation, what if I told you that frequent masturbation actually reduces the risk of prostate cancer (see It’s not just a sin after all). Cancer causing chemicals may build up in the prostate when men do not ejaculate on a regular basis. Intercourse however, does not have the same protective affect, due to the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease which increase men’s risk of cancer . Not sure now if this is such a good thing. Did I just encourage men to stop having sex and masturbate instead, woops?


Now this one would have to be my favourite and I plan on using it a lot. According to Chinese Taoism, performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) is a way to increase one’s vitality. The ingestion of vaginal fluids, or feminine elixir, is considered a health practice. Fellatio (oral sex on a man) on the other hand, is advised against, because of the threat of it leading to ejaculation, which in this tradition is believed to deplete a man’s vitality. It’s just one of those days where it’s good to be a woman.


Female ejaculation or squirting as some call it, is not just something done by porn stars! The fluid that is released during female ejaculation is believed to originate from the Skene’s or paraurethral glands at the base of the urethra, near the front wall of the vagina and/or bladder. Since all women have paraurethral glands, it is believe that all women produce ejaculate, whether or not they expel it from their body during orgasm. If this is truly correct than it would mean all women could be capable of this, it is just a matter or discovering how it happens. The best news I’ve heard in a long time.


I’m not sure if this will change your life in anyway, but at least you now know just a little bit more about sex.


Happy Learning,


Dr NikkiG


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