To Shave Or Not To Shave – That Is The Question!

Well first of all before I even start I want to say Shave!


I am currently working with Gillette to support a very worthy cause. We are not trying to cure cancer or solve world hunger but we are trying to make women happy and get men more dates by getting men to remove their facial hair. This one is a no brainer for me as I must admit, I spent years suffering from pash rash on my face. Whilst some men can look sexy with a bit of facial hair, I think it’s time you consider us women and our needs and stop being so lazy and shave it off.


Let’s look at this a little closer shall we? Women spend endless hours getting ready for a date to make an impression on their potential future partner, isn’t it about time men went to the same effort and reached for a shaver. ( And it doesn’t take hours to shave so don’t stress, unless you are Chubaka).


Now for the next point, masculinity! We associated being able to grow hair with being masculine. I suppose once upon a time it was the case. But we are not living in the cave ages! If you want to show me that you are a real man, then why don’t hide behind a layer of hair and come and show me who you really are. ( And there is nothing better as a women than stroking your hands or lips across a clean shaven smooth face, yum!).


There are times when my thoughts and opinions are in the minority, but this it not one of them. The results support my argument to rid the facial hair!


77%  opted not to kiss a man due to having facial hair or stubble

79% of women  have had pash rash!

92% said you should shave before a 1st date

48% of women have rejected a man based on facial hair


So really the message is clear, if you want to get more dates and more women, then ditch the facial hair.



Now this is where my job gets really difficult. On Saturday we hosted a kissing booth to test our theory with the yummy male model Rhys Uhlich. We had him half shaved and passes by could choose which side to smooch. And from personal experience I have to say, as sexy as I find a bit of stubble, the smooth side was nice and soft on my lips! Thanks Rhys! ( These are the moments when I really hate my job).


Happy Shaving and Kissing,


Dr Nikki



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