Transgender Children

Today I spent the day in class learning about gender and transgender issues. Gender is something we don’t look at enough and we don’t publicize too much, but we should! What is truly male and truly female is so subjective and not at all black and white and it is evident that the bi-linear model of gender is outdated and limiting. Even the English language is limiting when it comes to gender terminology. We need to open our minds and  also our hearts when it comes to transgender issues and those affected by them.


An interview was shown in class from Barbara Walters with some transgender children. It really moved me and I wanted to share this with you. Transgender individuals are so misunderstood  and are at times so unfairly treated.  But is our biggest crime a lack of knowledge and education? So many people fear what they do not know! As evident in this interview, transgender children generally come out at such a young age. Do we need to start this education in the school system? I commend these parents and children for sharing their stories in order to make this a better and more accepting world for all transgender children!









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