Want to meet a man? Get a dog!

Today/yesterday after waking up feeling exhausted with jet lag, it was time to get my body and mind going, which meant one thing – go for a hike.

My friend suggested I take her dog Daisy and overcome my fear of picking up dog poo (there is just something about the texture that freaks me out). If you have never hiked Runyon before, it’s full of attractive people with dogs, especially topless men and this day was no exception. I’m not a perve, only human. How can you not have a glance when these glistening toned bodies walk past?

Now, as a relationship and dating expert, so many people complain to me about where to meet men. Yes we have apps these days, but for some that feels nearly unromantic or exhausting having to scroll through so many options and they are looking for an old fashioned meet and greet. But thanks to technology, so many people don’t talk to each other because they have their phone in hand or they know they can find a date or hookup on line. Have you ever just tried to go up to a hot guy and talk to him? It’s not easy.

So here is where the dog part comes into it. As I was walking up calling at Daisy to stop sniffing other dog’s bums and keep walking with me, I noticed a very perfect glistening body. I might not be on the market, but I know when to appreciate a good sight. Let’s call him tanned shirtless guy. So tanned shirtless guy also had a dog and thanks to Daisy’s constant bum sniffing our dogs collided. Tanned shirtless guy starting to strike up a conversation with me which at first was dog focused and then moved on to who I was and what country I was from etc. As I’m not in the market I played the card of nice but not keen but this did get me thinking about if I was.

When you have a dog it’s so easy to strike up a conversation. You talk about dog stuff or swap advice or ask what breed the dog is. It allows for general conversation and to get to know someone a little more in a non pressured environment which is the perfect situation to let your true self shine.

So if you want to meet men, get a dog. And if you can’t or don’t want to get a dog, find ways and activities to strike up conversations and get to know someone. It might be asking for someone’ help at the gym, taking a class or activity where you can make comments to the person next to you, really anything where the a random conversation is not creepy or feels forced.

So it might not be the dog exactly, but what the dog represents. An excuse and reason to say hi.

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