Wee Week

This week I am the proud spokesperson for Wee Week. For those scratching their heads in confusion this is an annual initiative run by Kidney Health Australia to raise awareness of urinary health.

Kidney Health Australia have decided to get their message across in a different form regarding one of the key ways to
prevent contracting urinary tract infections. This is where I come in as there is an undeniable link between UTI’S and sexual encounters.

From the survey they conducted it was found that almost half of the participants were unaware that urinating immediately after sex could reduce the risk of developing a UTI. Also 1 in 4, 25-29 year old women stated that they were too busy snuggling to urinate after sex. Other reasons included not wanting to get up naked in front of a new partner, preferring sleep and not feeling the urge to urinate. Some people even admitted that they knew they should but just couldn’t be bothered.

Is our lack of education on urinating after sex an indication of a lack of our education on sexual health in general? Young children and teens might be receiving some form of sexual health education but if nearly half of all women are unaware that urinating after sex can reduce the risk of an UTI, maybe the quality of our education is questionable? Somewhere along the line there are obviously cracks in our educational system.

Another easy and fun way to boost your vaginal health is to switch that glass of wine with a cosmopolitan! Swap it
don’t stop it as the slogan goes! I know it is definitely best not to drink at all but at least cosmos are predominantly cranberry juice.

For more information on Wee Week and to support my public health awareness endeavors, visit Kidney Health Australia

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