What are your tips for using photos on dating profiles?

We have so many online dating platforms these days and so many options of whom to date, that profile pictures are now more important than they ever have been before. So here are my tips for you to getting it right and sticking out from the crowd (and the crowd is rather big these day)

* Choose a photos that tells a story about who you are. People don’t read too much these days. Attention span is shorter and when it comes to dating profiles, it’s a picture that is considered not the text underneath. Someone might be looking at your picture for as much as 2 seconds and it’s based on that quick glance as to whether they will spend more time investigation who you are or not. Choose photos that might give away something about you and tell more of a story. Do you like animals? The outdoors? Travelling? These are things that you can show with one photos. Instead of someone clicking on you just based on your looks, it’s better for someone to click on you not only because they like the way you look but also because they see something in your photo that either intrigues them or flags a common interest.
* Use photos that are somewhat natural. These days with YouTube makeup tutorials flooding the net, people are aware of the work that can go into the perfect selfie. Especially for woman, do you want to sell him on a false idea or who you are? Choose photos that you look good in but also slightly more natural.
* Don’t put other people in photos, especially your main one. There is enough photos online of other people’s dating profiles, you don’t need to flood yours with them. If people really do have 2 seconds to check you out, make sure they are just checking out you.
* Choose 3 photos and nothing more. When people have a dating profile that looks like a photo book, it might show a sense of desperation or being too keen to prove to someone who you are. Choose three photos that fit in with the above so if your profile photos does catch someone’s attention, there is more to tell the rest of the story.

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