What Girls Think About During Sex

I came across this video and besides the humorous side to it, it is one of those cases that it is funny because it is true. If you are female and watching this I’m sure at least one of those thoughts has gone through your head.




It is also a prime example of why some women struggle to really enjoy sex, we think too much and can be too inside our heads. In order to truly enjoy a rumble in the sheets, we need to relax, let go and focus on what is in front of us ( or in some cases behind) How to relax? Unfortunately it’s not that easy. The more facts and figure I try and tell you the more you will be thinking about it when you are not supposed to be. When someone tells you not to think of something, what do you do?


What I am going to suggest is practice makes perfect! If you are one of those girls like in this video experiment with different ways to get out of your head when you want to be in your body! If you don’t put the pressure of yourself I’m sure you will find the right one.


You could also use a hand ( sorry no pun intended) from the one you are rubbling in the sheets with.  Sex is not just about penis vagina penetration but everything else around in including mental stimulation. Turn on her mind before you turn on her body and she might just be present with you along the way.

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