What’s the best time to raise a delicate sex issue with a partner?

When you are in the position of having to possibly deliver some awkward news to your partner, it’s not so much a matter of when is the best time but when isn’t. If you are going to speak about a sexual issue, you at least want it to be the most effective and also for the other person to listen and consider what it is you are trying to say. The information itself might be awkward enough so why complicate the situation any further with wrong timing. Take the following into consideration before you delivery any awaked thoughts or news.

* Is your partner stressed or anxious? If they are in this state of mind, instead of listening to what you are saying, they might not just hear what you are saying but also be quick to jump to defence. If you are saying something that might need a response or to be worked on, you don’t want a defensive partner, but one who is ready to communicate.
* Have you recently had an argument? If there are issues that haven’t been addressed in the relationships or an argument that hasn’t been resolved, don’t add to the tension with potentially awkward news. This won’t be taken well and possibly add to the existing issues.
* Is it late a night? Often people get into bed, a place that is private and away from others (if you live with others or have kids). Many important conversations are had in here due to it’s convince and privacy, however the time at which you have these in here might impact the results you receive. Late at night before bed, people are often tired, not thinking straight and don’t want to start addressing an issues that could stir their mind and keep them up for longer. Choose a time when no one is tired and potential sleep is not a motivator to finish the conversation up so soon.
* Just after, before or during sex. Some people think that talking about delicate using before, after or during sex will get their partner’s attention because they have their attention sexually. This is a different type of attention and it’s important not to get into the habit of luring a partner’s focus toward you only to use it as a chance to talk about something awaked or difficult. Let sex be sex and allow the beautiful emotions and feelings to be experienced around it.

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