When should you consider moving in with someone?

Living together these days can often be an economic decision rather than so much of a romantic one (especially if you are living in Sydney). When you are in a relationship, often sleep overs are desired and nights apart are low. However, if you are both paying rent than the nights that are spent together technically someone’s money is wasted. Often couples get to the point where they realise they are pretty much living together but paying twice the money. So moving it would make sense?

As much as this scenario sounds right, it could also be relationship suicide and the most unromantic move you can play. I understand that finances these days can be a struggle, but don’t rush the move. If you live together, pay bills together, cook together and sleep in the same bed for long enough, what’s the difference between moving in and getting married? Not a lot? For some, living together not marriage is the ultimate goal. For others they don’t mind this level of cohabitation. But you do need to consider if you are ready for a more serious type of commitment and think about the differences between this move and a marriage?

Some couples also get into the life trap that comes with living together. They move in together, cohabitate for long enough not feeling as though engagement is a priority because what would change and then end up pregnant and maybe married anyway. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this scenario you need to consider before potentially living with someone how this scenario works for you.

Not wanting to be apart might be a good reason for thinking you should move in. But you need to consider what impact this new type of living arrangement will have on your relationships and in your life too.

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