Why Bald Is Sexy

I have a confession, I have a thing for bald men. Now, that’s not necessarily from hair loss but more those who have shaven their head. (Not that there is anything wrong with hair loss but I do need to clarify if I am talking about smooth skin on top not a sugar daddy). I think it started with Vin Diesel in the first Fast and The Furious movie, but when I look back of my romantic past, many of the men have had a shinny bald head.


But it seems my attraction goes beyond a Vin Diesel fetish. Research has found that bald is consider manly and consistently rated as more dominant than men with full locks.  (Does that mean a full head of hair or long hair is feminine and submissive?). So it’s the masculine side that I am attracted too, that makes me sounds a little less freaky.


These sexy men were also perceived as taller, older and stronger but less attractive than their full haired counterparts. Manly or attractive? Who wants someone pretty in the bedroom, I want a dominant man ready to save me from all evil and protect me from the wild. (Now I’m definitely taking this fantasy to the next level).



This effect maybe however a product of higher perceived confidence and masculinity in bald men, who are clearly brave enough to shave their heads. (From some of the bald men in my life I would say it’s not a case of bravery just laziness). There is also a sexier explanation, which leads to men in uniform (whoopee). Stereotypically, tough, masculine professions (e.g. the military, law enforcement and sports) are populated by men with clean shaven hairstyles. Combining all my fantasies into the one – a bald man in uniform! (Wipe drool from side of mouth).


So I suppose this research gives those men loosing their hair some hope. But I am curious, if shaving your head is a sign of confidence and masculinity then what are the acts for a women showing their femininity? Breast? The ability to make chicken soup? Or pig tails?  I’m sure there will be a study on that one too that I can report on, so stay tuned.


Happy Shaving




Dr Nikki

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