Why I created a sex toy website

I’ve always enjoyed the world of adult pleasure products or what are still referred to sex toys. Before I was a sexologist, I was doing some freelance writing work and my first regular gig was with FHM magazine.

One day I was asked to review a brand of sex toys. I met with the rep and soon had an apartment with every power point was occupied, charging products that were not household appliances. I never knew so many different variations existed. And that was just the start.

Many people are fearful of sex toys. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because this world is often seen as being seedy. But I’ve always been baffled as to why it should be this way. Maybe it’s because some think that reaching out for these products means you are desperate to spice things up. That may be true for some, but I see these products as fun sexual enhancement and aids and I’m over them being associated with smut.

Our bodies were designed for pleasure, but there are sometimes limitations to what just our body can do. Let’s take example the female orgasm. As many as 80% of women achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. When the penis enters the vaginal canal, it doesn’t necessarily hit this part of the body repeatedly. Finger might also tire and tongues might run out of steam (and saliva) This is where a vibrator can be your best friend. And thanks to technology, there are even products available that can be used for direct clitoral stimulation during partner play with no hands required. And this is only one category of the many products that are on offer.

My love for this industry has also been challenged over the years. Because of the association often being smutty, people don’t’ always want someone who is out there normalising the subject of sex connected so closely to this world. But if I continue to listen to that, what kind of sexologist would I be?

Sex toys don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, divorced, in a same sex relationship, in an open relationship, from a certain religion, a certain race, if you have curves, if you don’t, more body hair than some or all removed. Even over a certain age where some might feel non-sexual, there is a product for you. So, if they don’t discriminate, why then do we associated their purchase and use sometimes with one stereotype? Maybe if we changed our view and saw these products as something to improve sexual health, we would create platforms to sell them as that too.

And it’s not just the shame but the confusion too. In most website, if you type the word ‘vibrator’ in the search bar you will see at minimum hundreds of options. Who has the time to scroll through pages and pages of versions of the same thing wondering which one will get you off the best? There is also the issue of material used. Many manufacturers still produce products with a chemical in them that can be harmful to your body because it’s cheaper to produce. And what about how to use them? Most instructional manuals seem complex and confusing. If only people could shop with ease in a safe environment with someone explaining in more detail what these products do.

So, I created Dr Nikki Shop. I am not the first to attempt to provide this type of service, but I have attempted to do this in my own way. I want people to not only feel at ease shopping, but make better purchases, being able to easily see what each product can do with instructional videos clearly visible. I have also made it simple and easy for any questions to be asked, just in case it’s still not clear. I have picked some of my favourite products and ensured that it’s visible what lubricant to use with each product and what accessories match the purchase you are making. Everything has been designed by me to ensure the overall experience is just how I would like it to be.

I hope you enjoy my shop just as much as I’ve enjoyed creating this space. And to celebrate the fact that a computer illiterate person like myself has somehow managed to get a e commence site together, I am offering 10% off all purchases for my subscribes for the first month. Simply type if “drnikki” at checkout.

And if you would like stay updated, hear about products, see reviews, be informed of giveaways and discounts, make sure you are following my social media channels to hear all about the wonderful wold of Dr Nikki Shop.

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