Why I Hate Valentine's Day


Firstly I suppose saying  “I hate” is a bit harsh. More like I think this day of days can be a bit dangerous.  It’s dangerous if you are single and it’s dangerous if you are in a relationship. When you are a member of the single’s club, you are bombarded with cupids, hearts , TV commercials and blogs telling you what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day. What loved one? As if being single for some was hard enough. This is the one day of the year (maybe besides Xmas and New Year) that being single sucks. Does this mean you sit at home with a bottle of wine drowning your sorrows pretending that you don’t care( Well not if you are like me and doing Febfast), or head out in a group to celebrate because you think that is the most respectable solution for the night. (And being surrounded by mushy couples with red roses is going to make you feel better?).



Now for those in a relationship. Sorry to kill cupid, but you are doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t. That’s presents I’m talking about. I have to say there are not that many out there that get this day right. And even though your partner might be blown away on the outside, on the inside they might be thinking why oh why did they get me that? How well do they really know me? Now a blooper on Valentine’s Day can be made up with a lavish Birthday or Xmas present (or just diamond earnings for any occasion). But if you can help it, take the time to know the receiver of your loved up gift and pay attention to what they might really want. Remember it’s the thought that counts! The present does not have to be the most expensive but as long as sufficient thought has gone into it. Sorry to the florists out there, but simply just red roses and chocolates is a cop out, please use your imagination. ( But red roses and chocolates are better than nothing).


So here is the present problem. You can go over the top and really pull out the big guns. I’m talking about romantic plus – candles, diamonds, hotels rooms, romantic dinners and poetry. Warning, if you decide to go down the uber romantic path, you will forever be trying to trump last years effort.  Supposedly as the relationship continues, your love is supposed to grow and so apparently should the effort you put into Valentine’s Day. (Unless you are unhappily married like so many out there, which in this case an obligatory bunch of flowers and a card will do, again still better than nothing). If this is your first Valentine’s Day with that special someone, put enough effort, but not too much that you will never be able to beat it.



It is lovely that we take one day to tell that special person we love them, but I have to ask why we do not take every day to tell them and show them we love them.  Why should we have to wait for the cupids to fly around and hit you with the romance arrow? In a good relationship, everyday should be Valentine’s Day!  You should not have to wait for the 14th of February to show it.


I’m not trying to be cynical but just real and say what I know is on your mind. Valentine’s Day is fun but comes with risk! Dare to take it, but dare to live with the possible consequences of disappointment or the frustration when you do not get it right.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, an article surfaced last week stated that 1.6 million Aussies would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet than their partner. (Maybe that’s because the pet snuggles up and does not talk back). But where it tips into the loony bin for me is that also according to this same survey, 360 000 of us are planning on buying our animals companion a Valentine’s Day present.


Now after my ranting and raving, in saying all of this, I want to make it known that I will still welcome any flowers, diamonds, or fluffy toys with a heart on Tuesday! (And for those planning on buying a gift for their animals, please take a long hard look in the mirror. There are people starving in Africa, a dog can live without a diamond collar).


Happy Valentine’s Day and proceed with caution,


Dr NikkiG

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