Why Should Single Women Be Happy That Ashley Madison Exists?

The Ashley Madison hacking scandal (with users details and sexual fantasies threatened to be exposed) has been all over the media lately. Some people are fearful of what information might come from this and others believe karma for those cheating on their partners. But the discussions keep coming – why do people cheat and is this site a good idea? The more alarming information is that in Australia, the website is said to have over 900 000 users (a measurement from two years prior). This, in my opinion is our best indication of rates of infidelity or the desires of Aussies to be unfaithful.

When I see other studies attempting to predict how many people are having an affair, I question the validity and the percentage of false reporting by these participants. Who would admit to having an affair if they didn’t have to? Not all of the users on Ashley Madison may be actually going through with physical affairs, but their intent is there and emotional affairs might have already taken place. Even someone’s presence on the site might be enough to show distrust and deceit.

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I don’t support infidelity, but I also can’t deny that there is a market for this website. However, as a single but dating woman who has used online and app sites to meet people and probably will in the future, I am happy there is a site out there like Ashley Madison. Not because I want to encourage people to cheat on their partners, but because I don’t want to cheat with them and don’t want other single women thinking these men are available when in fact they are not. It’s not to say that there still isn’t people with the intent to cheat on main stream dating sties and apps, but I would like to think that those 900 000 who are on Ashley Madison are not. I don’t want to take away from the hurt of finding out a partner has cheated, but I also don’t want to be blindly unaware that I am involved or partly responsible for hurting someone I was unaware existed. I don’t want to date marry men or men in relationships and don’t want be a factor in someone else’s hurt.

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Whilst there are many issues as to why people cheat, they are also good people out there who if they knew their suitor was partnered, would not take their offers. I would like to think that besides working on relationship communication and satisfaction, this is another way to help this infidelity rate. We can’t deny that many people are being unfaithful to their partners, and we can’t begin to understand why it does happen in each situation, but even if a site like Ashley Madison disappeared, I assure you the actions and intent of those 900 000 people would not change. It would just require a little more effort to committee these relationships crimes.

This has been a controversial subject to discuss and no one wants to support this website, but should we be angry that is exists or is this a case of calling a spade a spade and a cheater a cheater and housing them under one online roof?

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