Women Who Wear Red Are More Interested In Sex!


Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend (and her teeth’s worst enemy). Unless is it that type that does not move an inch, this is not the most flattering substance to have on your lips if you are planning on a cheeky pash! Girls might like makeup, but I’m sure he does not. (Or if he does maybe you are kissing the wrong boy).


However, many men are attracted to this luscious pout. Their bodies know what their mind might not consciously be aware of. Their mind says that this lipstick is going to get all over their collar, whilst their body is moving in closer (and maybe positively responding). Why are men attracted to red lips?


Red lips are supposed to mean the owner of these puckers is aroused! (Well I would think they just might have good fashion sense, but I suppose they could be aroused too – fashionable and horny?) To get serious and biological, when the blood in a woman’s lips moves closer to the surface of the skin, it’s an indicator that she’s turned on or possibly even had an orgasm. It’s like the visual version of pheromones.


Blush (another possible shade of red), was meant to also represent the natural flush of arousal that you feel when you are aroused. (Sex flush).


But besides a lesson on seductive makeup (and lots of ways to make you look like you just had a mind blowing orgasm), a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, has delved even deeper into men’s attraction to red and revealed that men perceive women wearing red as being more interested in sex. Is this why we also feel sexier wearing it? (I came across this study the day I got a fantastic pair of red shoes – what does that say about me?)


Participants in a study were asked to gauge, on a scale of 1 to 9, if they thought a woman was “interested in sex.” (What happened to 10?)


Women wearing red were graded, on average, 1.5 points higher than women not wearing red. The research suggests that men may be evolutionarily conditioned to associate the colour red with fertility. (I want to be sexy when I wear red, not fertile)


We often express our sexuality through fashion (hence why I think Vogue should be allowing me to talk about sex in their magazine), but do we need to think about what message we might be portraying when we wear the colour red? Have you ever noticed more attention with those red lips, dress or shoes? Are you going to now attempt the red seduction next time you are out in pursuit?


I say go for it, if you want to wear red, wear red! Just be ready to deal with some extra male attention! (I’m sure you won’t mind that one!) It might be a form of sexual attraction, but does it also mean danger and warning? Are women in red dangerous?  (Please note, I will be in my new red shoes!)


Happy wearing red!


Dr NikkiG

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