Yes, I am Going To Talk About Anal

The other  weekend I attended a workshop on anal sex by Tristan Taormino, an American sex educator. Whilst most people spent the Easter long weekend with their families eating chocolate ( or matzah balls), I spent mine learning the ins and outs of this particular sexual activity ( and watching couples demonstrate during their  “practice” session)


We live in a society where anal sex is still seen by so many as taboo. Some see it as wrong, dirty or an act that only porn stars do, whilst other think it’s only for homosexuals. Before I go any further (or deeper) anal sex does not make you gay and it actually feels good for both men and women if performed correctly and safely. If you are a straight guy who would never be a willing receiver in anal play because you think any type of anal sexual activity makes you gay, then so wouldn’t oral sex? Gay men do that too! (You’d better give that up). The issues of straight men enjoying anal sex is something else I will discuss in the future (and I think just might be my new favourite subject).


I’m going to skip the part about how you should do it and why it is pleasurable and move onto the issues we all think about when it comes to anal sex, but are too afraid to talk about (like with most sexual acts), Poop! Yes that’s right I said it, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop. If for some reason you are totally freaked out about poop (one of the most natural things in the world), then I suggest you stay out of this cavity.


It’s something we all do yet it scares so many people when it comes to anal sex. According to Tristan, there are ways of cleaning and preparing the anus beforehand (I’m feeling another instructional article coming along) but there are also no guarantees. Just like shit, poop might just happen. But you need to think of it like this, the colon is the storage facility and the anal cavity Is the pathway, so if prepared this might not be as bad as you think (or even not bad at all).


I really never thought I would be able to talk about poop so easily in an article – oh the life of a Sexologist. This is par of my job, sometimes I am the one who needs to bring up these subjects! If I can write it on a blog, you can talk about it with your partner.


I could go on and on about this subject but I thought it was best left up to Tristan to explain the rest. There is something so matter of fact about the way she says ass and talks so easily about the specifics of anal. I think that is the best way to teach sex! We can all have a giggle, but lets be up front about what it is that’s going on and what you need to know. I only wish I would have had someone like Tristan to talk to me when I was first learning about sex.


If you are interested and want to do some more research, Tristan has some great books and DVD’s on anal sex and other topics. You can also find her website at


Happy Anal Sex,


Dr NikkiG

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