You Clitoris Will Always Be There

If you have had the privilege of seeing my talk, ” how to make your vulva happy”, you will be well aware of my rant about naming female’s sexual anatomy a vulva and not a vagina. With as many as 80% of women achieving an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, why is it that we still leave  out this important piece of the puzzle in our terminology?  Maybe it is a lack of education ( hint hint, and a great chance to plug my talks at the upcoming Brisbane Sexpo in August) and maybe this is why we are living in such a penetration focused society.


Maybe this is why there is such a high level of dissatisfaction when it comes to sex for men and women. Yes, the lack of clitoral awareness can impact on men too. Many men enjoy when their partner is in pleasure, so if there is a lack of pleasure on her behalf, how much mental stimulation is he really receiving?


I also get asked continually about low libido and how to solve it. There are so many different causes and multiple answers to this complex problem, but one possible fix is increasing levels of bedroom satisfaction. If you are living in a penetration focused relationship, are a clitoral orgasm individual and have been missing out on beautiful climaxes for many years, I can assure you that eventually your sex drive might die off due to the “why bother” attitude. Could focus and stimulation of the clitoris be one of the  answers to low libido?


One factor that contributes to low libido and low sexual satisfaction is older age, but that does not mean sexual pleasure has to decrease as you get on in life.For men there are the miracles of something called Viagra, but as women get older the walls of the vagina start to slightly thin out and sometimes penetration sex is not as enjoyable anymore. But don’t stress because you have a clitoris and your clitoris will always be there!  Dog might be man’s best friend, but the clitoris is a woman’s (and maybe a few diamonds as well).


But who better to tell you more than Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross,



Happy Watching,


Dr Nikki



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